MEDITATION: because not all questions can be answered by Google

Meditation and Mindfulness are gateways to

mental clarity, emotional freedom and physical well-being.

The average person experiences approximately 50,000 thoughts per day

and at least 95% of those are repetitive and non-productive. 

*Imagine how it would feel if all the guilt, resentment,

shame and blame from the past disappeared.

*Imagine if all the worry, regrets and stress of the future we gone.

*Imagine if you were free from anxiety and depression.

"Where there is peace and meditation,

there is neither anxiety or doubt."

St. Francis de Sales


When you quiet the incessant noise going on in your head

you allow more space for clear, productive, creative, and 

inherently intuitive thoughts to arise

Allow your inner peace and your experience

with the whole world changes

  • Eliminate stress, anxiety and depression

  • Engage in your life

  • Become more focused and productive

  • Enjoy better relationships with yourself and everyone around you

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