Corporate Meditation


Regular Meditation Increases: 

  • focus

  • productivity

  • clarity

  • perception

  • physical well-being

  • stamina  


Regular Meditation Decreases: 

  • Stress

  • anxiety

  • illness

  • depression

  • confusion

  • indecision

  • complaining

  • personal/professional drama

Meditation in the workplace has been steadily growing in popularity due to the undeniable benefits for the employees, the business as a whole and ultimately the bottom line.

In as little as 8 weeks of regular meditation, participants experience a noticeable shift in their physical wellness, stress reduction, problem solving skills, creativity and energy level. 

Many corporations have integrated mindful meditation into their employee benefit programs and have experienced tremendous results in productivity, employee satisfaction, profits, reduced number of sick days, lower insurance costs and employee turnover.

A few of those companies are:

Apple - Google - General Mills - Target - Nike - Proctor and Gamble - Prentice Hall Publishing -AOL - Time Warner - McKinsey and Co. - Yahoo - Deutsche Banks - HBO



  • 46% Reduction in employee turnover

  • 19% reduction in sick leave costs

  • 12% increase in performance and productivity

  • Employees spend 40% more time focused on tasks and feel energized 65% move of the time

  • Employee retention is increased by 50%



During the introduction we will detail the point of meditation and mindfulness, the benefits, procedure as well as addressing any questions or misconceptions.

Participants will be lead through essential breathing exercises, a 20 minute guided mindful meditation, and receive tools to self-calm at any time.

MONTHLY PACKAGE (4 sessions)    45 minute sessions


Participants are lead through a guided mindful meditation, breathing exercises and a discussion on how to integrate the tools into specific work/life situations to receive maximum benefit.

LUNCH BREAK PACKAGE (4 sessions)   30 minute session


Participants are lead through a guided mindful meditation and breathing exercise. Perfect for the mid-day boost.


“Studies have shown that (meditation) can actually change how the brain processes information and manages the effects of stress, depression, and anxiety. Those who practice meditation, research has demonstrated, are happier and calmer than their counterparts who don’t, so it’s no surprise that many high-stress businesses are catching on and making meditation a part of their corporate mission.” –

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